Conditions for Use and & Privacy Policy Stichting Supply Chain Finance Community
(Stichting SCFC)

The Stichting Supply Chain Finance Community (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Foundation’) takes your privacy seriously. We do everything we can to convey the information on our website ( with the greatest possible accuracy. In some cases this involves the use of third parties. Read the statements below for more information about the use of this website and how we use your data.

1. Conditions for use
Use of our website is subject to the conditions and restrictions that follow. By visiting this site and using the information it offers you accept these conditions. The material on this website is intended for general information and may be revised without notice. We exercise the utmost care in the creation and development of our website and use sources that are considered to be reliable. However, we cannot guarantee the exactness, completeness or topical interest of the presented information, or the zero-error and/or uninterrupted functioning of the website. You therefore cannot derive any rights from the presented information.

The presented information is not intended as replacement for expert advice. Without verification or more detailed advice use of the presented information is at the own expense and risk of the user. The user of this site may not convey, reproduce or distribute the information without our express written permission. If you consult a page by a third party via this website (so-called “link”), we tell you that this information has been provided by the third party named on the page in question. We therefore decline all responsibility for the content of the information on those sites.

2. Privacy policy
We attach great importance to careful treatment of personal details. Personal details are therefore processed and protected with all due care and attention. In this we observe the requirements of the Data Protection Act. The Foundation is responsible for the data-processing. In the present privacy declaration we explain what personal data we collect and use and for what purposes.

3. Collecting and processing data
We receive, store and use exclusively the personal data sent by you when visiting and using our website and related services, or when it is clear on sending that the data is in fact meant for us. For example, if you fill in a form on the website, such as a contact and registration form, or send us an e-mail, then the data that you send us is kept as long as necessary, according to the nature of the form or the content of your e-mail, for us to process it and send a reply.

4. Registration system
After sending the contact and registration form we keep your provided personal details, such as (company) name, address, place of residence and e-mail address. We keep these details so that we can contact you about the execution of your orders. The Foundation will not disclose your attached information to third parties unless this happens to be necessary in connection with an agreement that you conclude with us, or we are legally obliged to do so. In case of suspicion of fraud or misuse of our website we may deliver the personal details to the competent authorities.

5. Use of cookies
When offering electronic services we make use of cookies, including technical, functional, analytical and commercial cookies. A cookie is a simple little file stored on the computer hard drive. We make use of temporary cookies. These cookies do not contain personal data and are used only to make it easier to use the site. Most browsers are normally configured to accept cookies, but you can also set up your browser to refuse all cookies or to send you a message when a cookie is sent. During your visit to our website it is possible that Google and other parties make use of their own cookies.

6. Viewing behaviour and visiting history
Our website keeps general visiting history. This way your computer’s IP address can be recorded and used for statistical analyses of visits and viewing behaviour on the site. We try as far as possible to anonymize this data.

7. Protection of privacy and passwords
We apply strict data protection procedures, for instance to prevent unauthorized access to personal data. We make use of safe connections through which all personal information between you and our website is protected during recording. Passwords are stored in encrypted form, so neither we ourselves nor any outsiders can possibly discover them. Data that is no longer needed is removed. You can even request change or deletion of data (see below).

8. Third-party websites
The present declaration does not apply in respect of third-party websites connected to our website through links. You should read the privacy declarations of those sites before attempting to use them.

9. Changes to the privacy declaration
We reserve the right to revise and update the present declaration. You should therefore consult this declaration regularly to keep up with the changes.

10. Examination and correction of your personal details
You can always send any questions concerning our privacy policy or questions about examination and correction (or deletion) of your personal details to: Stichting Supply Chain Finance Community (Stichting SCFC) Zwolle (8017 CA) on Campus 2

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